Sunsplash Appearance: A cream colored tom with  light tan patches on his body. Small in stature, with large ears and a stubbed tail. He also has golden yellow eyes.   Traits:   Current Clan: BrightClan Age: Unknown Role: Warrior Gender: Male Personality:   Internal- Fair, Confident, Jealous Sunsplash sees all cats as equal and values those around him and their … Continue reading Sunsplash-BrightClan


Redwaters-Clanless Cats

Redwaters Appearance: A dark ginger tom with large ears and bright yellow eyes. Don't let his size fool you, he can be scrappy.    Traits: Unknown Current Clan: Clanless Cats Age: Unknown Role: Leader of the Farm Cats Gender: Male Personality: Unknown Fears: Unknown Goals: Lifetime Goal– Unknown Short term Goal– Confront his daughter and his mate Mate: Leopardtail Kits: Dawnwind Names: … Continue reading Redwaters-Clanless Cats