Bramblethorn- DuskClan

Bramblethorn   Appearance: A light cream, and brown pointed long haired cat. Bulky and imposing but with a happy and generous nature. Bright blue eyes.  Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Unknown Role: Deputy Gender: Male Personality:    Goals: Lifetime Goal– Prosperity of his Kin Short term Goal– Making sure no fights break out between the clans Mate: Snowhawk Kits: … Continue reading Bramblethorn- DuskClan


Heatherstar- DuskClan

Heatherstar     Appearance: A light brown, black spotted tabby Maine Coon with darker patches of brown on her paws, her back, and the top of her head. Very large, well muscled cat that moves with a playful grace. Bright laughing yellow eyes.   Traits:   Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Unknown Role: Leader Gender: Female Personality:    Goals: Lifetime … Continue reading Heatherstar- DuskClan


Earthstorm Appearance: A dusty brown tom with dark brown paws, face and tail. He has light blue eyes and a slim frame.   Traits: Current Clan: BrightClan Age: Unknown Role: Warrior Gender: Male Personality:   Internal- Honest, Dedicated, Greedy Earthstorm is very straightforward, he can be stubborn and will stick with the choices he's made, and he think he deserves … Continue reading Earthstorm-BrightClan