1.8 A Witch Among Sims

  The cool night air blew through the trees and a stray black hair tickled Maeve's nose. "Achoo!" She brushed the offending tress aside and went back to her fishing. Maeve had taken to wearing her hair long and out after it grew so unruly over the past few months. Having very little money for … Continue reading 1.8 A Witch Among Sims


1.7 Restless Waters

"And that's how I got the deed to Newcrest." Maeve told the snapdragon. It had listened intently to her story and was happy to listen to her more as long as it was watered that day. "It's strange being in charge of an entire town." Maeve mused. "I know this is what I wanted but … Continue reading 1.7 Restless Waters