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A cream colored tom with  light tan patches on his body. Small in stature, with large ears and a stubbed tail. He also has golden yellow eyes. 



Current Clan:


Age: Unknown

Role: Warrior

Gender: Male



Fair, Confident, Jealous

Sunsplash sees all cats as equal and values those around him and their opinions. He has a tendency to feel he can do anything he puts his mind too which can make him great at a lot of different tasks. He can become jealous of the relationships the cats he’s close to form with other individuals. This can lead to conflict. 


Quiet, Hyper, Friendly

Sunsplash is never the loudest cat in the group and would rather sit and listen than speak. He has boundless energy and can often push himself longer than other cats. He is quick to befriend other cats. 

Fears: Failure


Lifetime Goal– Love

Short term Goal– Unknown

Mate: None

Kits: None


Kit- N/A




Mentor– N/A

Apprentice– N/A




Used to live on the farm under Redwaters’ rule and felt stifled in the such a hostile environment. He left the farm for a new adventure with, Earthstorm and Sparrowlight, hoping to find a place to grow and test his abilities in the wilds of the valley. He never expects to fit so well in the clan. Will he stay in Brightclan and embark on a new journey with the cats he’s come to love?


About TeaCup Simmer

Hey guys, I’m Tia! I'm and'm a recent college grad that likes I tea, animals, books, and Sims. I have a Youtube channel called TeaCup Simmer where you will find stories brought to life. I create Sims versions of bestselling books and famous tv shows, with my own little twist.
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