Redwaters-Clanless Cats



A dark ginger tom with large ears and bright yellow eyes. Don’t let his size fool you, he can be scrappy.  



Current Clan:

Clanless Cats

Age: Unknown

Role: Leader of the Farm Cats

Gender: Male

Personality: Unknown

Fears: Unknown


Lifetime Goal– Unknown

Short term Goal– Confront his daughter and his mate

Mate: Leopardtail

Kits: Dawnwind


Kit- N/A




Mentor– N/A

Apprentice– N/A




Leader of the Farm Cats, respected and feared. He killed one of the cats of farm and as a result the remaining cats think of him as cruel and unforgiving. Because of this his mate and kit left him and he wants more than anything to get them back. What lengths will he go to in order to make them come home ?


About TeaCup Simmer

Hey guys, I’m Tia! I'm and'm a recent college grad that likes I tea, animals, books, and Sims. I have a Youtube channel called TeaCup Simmer where you will find stories brought to life. I create Sims versions of bestselling books and famous tv shows, with my own little twist.
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