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I realized that I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to our Random Generator document that only applies to Medicine Cats so I figured they needed their own document!

This document is a living document so everything is subject to change as our story progresses.

The Medicine Cat:

For those that don’t know the medicine cat is an integral  part of a Warrior Cat Clan. They are in charge of the physical and spiritual health of the clan. They handle illnesses from bellyaches to greencough and all manor of wounds. They also act as the clan’s connection to StarClan.

In our series we will be treating the medicine cat in much the same way.


In our series  the Medicine Cat will have three different skill levels to keep track of. Their healing skill, hunting skill and starclan skill. 

Healing Skill references how well a cat can heal their clan mates. This changes based on the illness and the medicine cat’s understanding of different plants as well as how often the medicine cat has had to deal with that illness.

*This can also be changed by the freshness of herbs

0 -1 (50% chance herbs will work on minor abrasions and fleas, 10% treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

2-3 (60% chance that herbs will work on minor illnesses, abrasions and fleas, 30% chance treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

4-5 ( 70% chance that herbs will work on minor illnesses, abrasions and fleas, 50% chance treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

6-7 (80%chance that herbs will work on minor illnesses, abrasions and fleas, 70% chance treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

8-9 (90%chance that herbs will work on minor illnesses, abrasions and fleas, 90% chance treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

10 (95%chance that herbs will work on minor illnesses, abrasions and fleas, 95% chance treatment will work on major illnesses and wounds)

Hunting skill references their ability to find food and herbs. The number of hunting skill effects how much  prey and the number of plants a cat can harvest in a day.

Everyday a roll must be done from 0 to the number of a cat’s hunting skill. The resulting number is how many prey/herbs they are allowed to bring in to camp.  The higher the skill the more likely more things will be brought in.

 For example a new medicine cat apprentice may have a 6 hunting skill, so a roll can be done for the  day from 0 to 6 to determine how many plants they can pick up. This does not change their ability to use those herbs however.

StarClan skill references  how likely it is for StarClan to intervene or send a prophecy to any medicine cat. This changes based on a cat’s personality and experience with StarClan.

(I’m not sure how to quantify this one. It might be impacted by how close an apprentice is to their mentor. Let me know your thoughts)

Item’s List:

You can check out the full list (HERE) it’s still under construction.

Illness Generators

If a cat rolls *Sick*  then the actual illness is based on the NEED that was responsible for changing the portrait color from Green. This is still under construction as well. 

Use severity generator to determine how strong an illness is.

Bellyache– from low hunger bar. Common during food scarce times like leaf-fall or leaf-bare. Also common if a cat eats a poisonous plant or animal. Usually easy to treat if caught early. After two days has a 60% chance of progressing to a worse illness.

Cures: rodents or birds. mushrooms. If from poison- use mandrake to induce vomiting or peppermint to neutralize

Bodyache/Starvation– an extreme form of bellyache that leaves a cat weak and in constant pain. Can be from poison or from lack of food. Has an 80% chance of leading to death if left untreated for one day.

Cures:  any form of food and  2 buzzberry or ginseng to increase energy, multiple days of bed rest *If from poison, use  2 mandrake to induce vomiting. 

Common Cold/ Whitecough– caught normally in leaf-fall  or leaf-bare. mild cough and runny nose. Not fatal  but can progress into Greencough if left untreated. 

Cures: Lavender, Peppermint, or Basil. 

Greencough– more extreme form of White Cough. Leaves a cat disoriented with a harsh cough, and fever. Fatal if not treated in two days. Highly contagious. 

Cures:  Ghost Chilli Pepper or Bumbleleaf to break fever. Lavender or Greenleaf plus a spotted beetle for severe cases of cough. multiple days of bed rest required. 

Joint Aches: more common in Elders from wet moss or old bedding. Movement slowed for half a day. 

Cures: change of bedding. Ginseng or peppermint plus a good grooming from another cat

Fever: normally an indication of an infection or illness. Leaves a cat tired and weak with a high temperature. 

Cures: Ghost Chili Pepper or  Bumbleleaf

Toothache: from cracked tooth or infection. 

Cures: Red Berry Bean or   2 Peppermint

Chills: From being in the cold for too long  or being in freezing water. Must be addressed  in 12 hrs or could become more severe.

Cures: cinnamon or ginseng to increase blood flow and  a good grooming. 

Scratch or Bite: minor abrasion from hunting, fighting, or exploring.

Cure: lemon or honey to stop infection. Spiders (for Spider Webs) to stop bleeding. 

Major Cuts or Wounds: more severe wounds from fighting or accidents, major bleeding is expected.

Cure: at least 2 lemons or honey to stop infection. spiders to stop bleeding, basil and wonderpetal to encourage healing. 

Anxiety/Loneliness: a symptom of low social or fun need. Can progress into full on Depression if not treated quickly. A cat feels lonely and disconnected. 

Cure: Social interaction and/ or chamomile to increase the effectiveness of socializing

Depression: an extreme illness from low social or fun need, a cat will fill alone in the world and won’t be able to hunt or be forced to interact with other cats. 

Cure: Bed rest, social interaction, and at least 2 chamomile. 




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