Medical Items List


Welcome to the Medical Items List!

This is a work in progress as we discover new plants and critters to use as medical items! Let me know what you think of our current list and how we can apply some more items from the Sims 3. 


Basil-encourages the body to heal

Bumbleleaf- helps break fevers

Buzzberry- increases energy

Chamomile- used to increase social interaction and calm anxious cats

Cinnamon- helps increase blood flow,

Ghost Chili Pepper- helps break fever or help a cat warm up on the inside

Ginseng-increases energy, increases circulation

Greenleaf- helps with greencough and whitecough

Lavender- promotes calm, can help induce sleep, and speedy recovery from many illnesses. can help with coughs

Lemon: helps with infections

Licorice- helps relieve hunger pains

Mandrake- used to induce vomiting

Peppermint- increase circulation, if eaten neutralizes some poisons, helps cancel out the taste of other items

Red Berry Bean-helps with infections

Red Valerian- allays pain and promotes sleep

Sweetgrass- helps with nausea and infections

Wolfsbane- used for infected wounds from fights with other animals, dogs, wolves, raccoons etc.

Wonderpetal- encourages the body to heal


White Caps:  Minor cure for poison, only 10% effective, many have to be eaten to be significant

Porcinis: Food substitute, used for cats with hunger or bellyache, 25% effective


Blowfish: Used for Poison Ranging from Weak To moderate

Spotted beetle: helps with cases of cough

Spider: helps staunch bleeding

Trilobite Beetle: Encourage healing for broken bones

Spotted Beetle: Encourage healing in the body for cuts and large wounds, 60% effective

Light Beetle: Decrease the chance of infection of a wound and increase the likely hood of kit survival by 10% before birth 

Rainbow Beetle:  Brings a cat back from the brink of death, 90% effective

Scarab Beetle: Brings a cat back from the brink of death 60% effective

Assassin Beetle: poisonous when eaten but when prepared properly can be used to cure almost any poison, 80% effective

Regular Items:

Honey: helps with infection or to soothe sore throats.

Maple leaves: Used to Carry Water


About TeaCup Simmer

Hey guys, I’m Tia! I'm and'm a recent college grad that likes I tea, animals, books, and Sims. I have a Youtube channel called TeaCup Simmer where you will find stories brought to life. I create Sims versions of bestselling books and famous tv shows, with my own little twist.
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