Pending Schedule…

So for those that don’t know I’m starting a new job this week and I haven’t been able to record much. I still have some drifter episodes pre-recorded but I haven’t been able to record Warriors in a week. I know my lovely TeaCups are probably extremely mad at me and I understand.

I think that after I see how I feel after each day this week, after my job, I’ll be able to make a proper schedule that won’t neglect my TeaCups and won’t tire me out. I want to record more and have all our stories running full throttle but I also don’t want to start disliking Youtube and my channel because I took on too much at a time.

I hope you guys understand.

I’ll keep you posted.




About TeaCup Simmer

Hey guys, I’m Tia! I'm and'm a recent college grad that likes I tea, animals, books, and Sims. I have a Youtube channel called TeaCup Simmer where you will find stories brought to life. I create Sims versions of bestselling books and famous tv shows, with my own little twist.
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