Bramblethorn- DuskClan

Bramblethorn   Appearance: A light cream, and brown pointed long haired cat. Bulky and imposing but with a happy and generous nature. Bright blue eyes.  Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Unknown Role: Deputy Gender: Male Personality:    Goals: Lifetime Goal– Prosperity of his Kin Short term Goal– Making sure no fights break out between the clans Mate: Snowhawk Kits: … Continue reading Bramblethorn- DuskClan


Heatherstar- DuskClan

Heatherstar     Appearance: A light brown, black spotted tabby Maine Coon with darker patches of brown on her paws, her back, and the top of her head. Very large, well muscled cat that moves with a playful grace. Bright laughing yellow eyes.   Traits:   Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Unknown Role: Leader Gender: Female Personality:    Goals: Lifetime … Continue reading Heatherstar- DuskClan

Amazon Challenge: Custom Content

Hey Lovelies! Here are all the mods that I've been using in my game that are important for all the lots in our challenge: *This list is organic and will change as the story progresses* Packs In My Game: Skills and Aspirations: Skills:   Canning Mod- Beekeeper Box - Life States: Mermaid Mod- Fairy Mod- reading Amazon Challenge: Custom Content


Great news! I'm working on an all new Role Play centered LP! So if you love the story heavy Warrior Cats series but want to see something with new lore, characters, in Sims 4 and with humanoid Sims 😋 then this is the Let's play for you!